What is Optical Fiber Fusion splicer?

fusion splicer
The fusion splicer generally refers to the optical fiber fusion splicer used in the field of optical communication. The working principle is to use a high-voltage arc to melt the sections of the two optical fibers, and at the same time, use a high-precision motion mechanism to smoothly advance the two optical fibers into one, so as to realize the coupling of the optical fiber mode fields.
Optical fiber fusion splicer is mainly used in telecommunication operators, engineering companies and institutions for optical cable line engineering construction, line maintenance, emergency repair, production and testing of optical fiber devices, and research and teaching in scientific research institutes.
According to different industries, fusion splicers mainly include optical fiber fusion splicers, high frequency fusion splicers, ultrasonic fusion splicers, etc. Today we mainly introduce the optical fiber fusion splicer.

Optical fiber fusion splicer
 Optical fiber fusion splicer is mainly used for docking and maintenance of optical cables in optical communication projects. It mainly relies on high-voltage arc discharge to melt the two optical fiber sections, and at the same time, the high-precision motion mechanism is used to smoothly advance the two optical fibers to merge into one, so as to realize the coupling of the optical fiber mode fields.

Ordinary optical fiber fusion splicers generally refer to single-core optical fiber fusion splicers. In addition, there are ribbon optical fiber fusion splicers specially used for fusion splicing ribbon optical fibers, leather wire fusion splicers for splicing leather cables and jumpers, and fusion splicing guarantees. Polarization maintaining fiber fusion splicer and so on.
According to the different alignment methods, it can be divided into two categories: cladding alignment (profile alignment system PAS) and core alignment (CORE TO CORE), the price difference between the two is relatively large.
The cladding-aligned optical fiber fusion splicer is mainly used in occasions where the requirements for indicators are not too high, such as fiber to the home, generally four motors, and the price is relatively cheap;
The core-aligned fiber fusion splicer is equipped with a precise six-motor alignment system including a focusing motor, as well as a specially designed optical lens and software algorithm, which can accurately identify the fiber type and automatically select the matching fusion splicing mode for fusion splicing , to ensure the welding quality. Due to the relatively high technical content, in addition to being used for fiber to the home, it can also be used for trunk fiber splicing, so the price is relatively high.
Today I recommend a fusion splicer from baudcom, model BD-FS-30, The Fusion Splicer, with high performance price ratio, With smart appearance, reliable quality, this machine is a special design for the installation, operation and maintenance of optical fiber specially designed a precision, durable, convenient optical fiber construction instrument. Widely used in the construction, inspection, maintenance of fiber cable.

fiber splicer
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