Arc welding in the BAUDCOM optical fiber fusion splicer

In the FTTH project, we will use a fiber optic fusion splicer. Fiber fusion splicer are widely used, not only professionals, but many private users are also equipped with fiber optic fusion splicer. One of the working principles of the fusion fiber splicer is to use arc discharge, convert it into heat energy, and melt the metal at high temperature, so as to realize the fusion of metal in the optical fiber. Today's fiber optic splicer have arc welding function, so what is arc welding?

What is Arc Welding

Arc welding is to use the heat source generated by the air discharge phenomenon (the air discharge here refers to the arc phenomenon), convert the direct current or alternating current into the heat and mechanical energy required for welding, and melt the metal at the connection between the two workpieces, thereby To achieve the purpose of connecting metal.

Basic types of arc welding

Arc welding can be divided into manual arc welding, semi-automatic arc welding and automatic arc welding. Automatic arc welding usually refers to submerged arc automatic welding - the welding part is covered with a protective flux layer, a light welding wire made of filler metal is inserted into the flux layer, and an arc is generated with the welding metal, the arc is buried under the flux layer, and the arc is generated. The heat melts the welding wire, flux and base metal to form a weld, and the welding process is automated, which also applies to fiber fusion splicers. Most of the optical fiber fusion splicers currently on the market have automatic arc welding functions. Although manual arc welding is the most commonly used, our BAUDCOM fiber optic fusion splicer uses automatic arc welding because it is convenient and labor-saving.

Arc Welding Workflow

The arc can be directed manually or mechanically along the weld line, while the electrodes simply carry both DC and AC current, conducting the current and simultaneously melting into the weld pool, providing the filler metal for the weld.

Because metal reacts chemically with oxygen and nitrogen in the air when heated to high temperatures by an arc, a protective shielding gas or slag is used to minimize contact of molten metal with air. After cooling, the molten metal solidifies to form metallurgical bonds.

The Advantage and disadvantage of Arc Welding


There are many advantages over other welding processes. This is an affordable technology due to the relatively low cost of equipment, and it also requires less equipment due to the lack of gas.

It is a portable joining method that can also be used on uncleaned metals. While many arcing processes use a shielding gas, this is not always necessary, meaning that work can be done regardless of weather conditions and splashing is not an issue.


While there are many advantages, this process also has some disadvantages. This type of welding produces more waste than other methods, which means the project cost can be higher for some jobs. The process also requires a high level of skill and training for arc welders, and joining thin materials using the arc process can also be difficult. However, the automatic arc welding technology used in the optical fiber fusion splicer perfectly solves this problem. Nowadays, fiber optic cable splicer are not only used by professionals, but also used by private individuals, which makes these products more and more popular in the communication market.

Arc Welding in the fusion splicer

Generally, when we operate the optical fiber fusion splicer, we use the da screen to see the optical fiber fusion situation, and the arc welding is difficult to observe with the naked eye, which is roughly as shown in the figure below.

arc welding

At present, all the optical fiber fusion splicers produced and sold by BAUDCOM have automatic arc welding function. In the optical fiber fusion splicer, the use of automatic arc welding and the extremely short fiber splicing time greatly improve the working efficiency of the optical fiber fusion splicer, which also makes the optical fiber fusion splicer become an increasingly popular tool in the work project of optical fiber to the home.

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